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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peculiar Hello Kitty Villa and Hello Kitty Restaurants

Hello Kitty is born in 1974, bearing a chubby face, a bow tie in her left ear and a short tail while she has no mouth. Since her born, she is not only favored by children but also loved by adults even some elders, for she can remind you the pureness of your childhood. If come to Taiwan Island, Hello Kitty villa and Hello Kitty restaurants well worth your try.

the pink one, I think it is more close to Hello Kitty, if I have an opportunity to there, I will definitely choose this one.

the parlour, sit in a Hello Kitty house and enjoy Hello Kitty, Wow, wonderful

pink Hello Kitty telephone, just image that you make a phonecall to your friends with such a cute phone, nice and sweet, isn't it?

pink bed room, see the bed? also a shape of Hello Kitty

if the bus is also in pink, will it be better?

there are totally three bedrooms in the villa, so it is suitable for inviting two other friends' family to go there with you

the steward, she is great

the green one, which one do you like better?

The villa, situated at Kuanhsi Township, Hsinchu, has attracted countless fans of Hello Kitty since opened in July, 2009. There are two houses, a pink one in the romantic English style and a green one in rustic French style. To be frank, I like the pink one better, it is more close to the image of Hello Kitty, I think. Everything in the villa can be connected with Hello Kitty: from the house, the chair, the bed, the cup, even tissue box in the rest room is in the shape of Hello Kitty. Image how lovely it is!

The most considerate is there provide an exclusive steward and Hello Kitty sightseeing bus.

After leaving Hello Kitty villa, the Hello Kitty restaurants can further satisty fans' desire.

Hello Kitty Sweets, a noted Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Taipei  

the plates are all decorated with the pattern of Hello Kitty
Sitting on such a chair, will you have a better appetite?

using this pair of chopsticks, I may be have some more with a better mood
Want to bring them home?
Hello Kitty clock

Tissue box and almost everything you see are added with the characteristic--Hello Kitty

this tissue box seems more exquisite, right?

varies Hello Kitty cakes, I'd rather keep them in my frige than store them in my stomach, so cute that I am unwilling to swallow them

Everything you see here are cute and lovely


  1. What an adorable shop! I was a child when Hello Kitty was first developed, so I grew up with her. My children thought the photos of the shop were great. Thank you for sharing. Have a good day too.

  2. It is indeed a paradise for both children and adults, Hello Kitty can be seen as a bridge to connect two generations closely.

  3. Oh my my ... can you adopt me please? :D. Ill be in heaven if I be able to live in that house.


  4. Aha, you are also lovely, Teli, I am happy you like them. If you have a chance to Taiwan, you can make a plan to live there for one or two night to realize your dream. Wish you all the best.

  5. Hello Kitty!<3
    Its so adorable!

  6. this made me laugh! so cute (and a bit crazy too!)