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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yao Ming--Forever A Giant in Our Mind

Yao Ming
Born: Sep 12, 1980
Height: 7-6 / 2.29
Weight: 310 lbs. / 140.6 kg.
From: Shanghai, China

Season Highs/Career Highs

15 vs. New Orleans 11/03/10
41 vs. Atlanta 02/22/04
  Field Goals Made
6 vs. Denver 10/30/10
16 @ L.A. Lakers 04/02/06
  Field Goals Attempted
11 2 Times
35 @ L.A. Lakers 12/15/06
  Three Point Field Goals Made
1 2 Times
  Three Point Field Goals Attempted
2 vs. New Orleans 01/13/08
  Free Throws Made
7 vs. Minnesota 11/07/10
18 vs. New Jersey 03/13/06
  Free Throws Attempted
7 vs. Minnesota 11/07/10
21 @ L.A. Lakers 03/30/07
  Offensive Rebounds
4 @ L.A. Lakers 10/26/10
9 @ Phoenix 03/11/05
  Defensive Rebounds
7 @ L.A. Lakers 10/26/10
17 vs. Golden State 02/24/06
  Total Rebounds
11 @ L.A. Lakers 10/26/10
22 @ Phoenix 03/11/05
2 @ L.A. Lakers 10/26/10
7 vs. Atlanta 02/22/04
4 vs. San Antonio 11/14/06
2 3 Times
8 @ L.A. Lakers 12/15/06
  Minutes Played
23 2 Times
52 @ Denver 12/20/07

While he announced his retirement in Shanghai just yesterday: July 20,2011, needless to say, he is not only a star in China, bur also a noted star abroad. It is him who made increasingly number of Chinese keep an watch eye on NBA, and it is also him make us know Huston Rockets. He makes the whole world know about China and Chinese basketball skills. Besides his career as a basketball player, he is also frequently participated in many charity events. Though he is large in size, he is clever and humerous, he is one of the favorite stars in commercials.

Though he has made retirement announcement, he is still a giant in our mind. Yao Ming, we will not forget what you've done for basketball, for China and even the whole, never!
In the press conference

In the charity drive to show his support at a press conference of a charity event organized by famous Chinese Tibet-born singer-songwriter Han Hong together with some other prominent government officials

in competition, sparing no pains

We will always stand and support you on the back. We believe you will certainly grow into a new star in a new field. Love you!

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