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Monday, August 8, 2011

Capsule Hotel in Kunming

Closely after Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an, capsule hotel appears in Kunming.

In the hotel of about 50 sq. m, there lays 10 capsules, each of 2 sq.m. The devices inside of the capsule include a computer. Each capsule has a small cabinet for personal items and there are exclusive disinfected slippers in the shoe cabinet on the doorway.

The capsule hotel is widely welcomed abroad by those low-income people and tourists for it is economical and practical, while the most important, it is not that expansive.
though small, you can have your own space

tidy and clean

it is a good example of taking full advantage of such a small area

sleep on the upper bed may be better, in my eyes 
slippers, in case of some one takes the wrong one, each one has a number
Would you like to sleep on such a capsule when going a China travel? It may not as comfortable and spacious than those 3-star, 4-star or 5-star hotels, while it is cheap and comparatively quiet and safe, so if you didn't take enough money with you, such a capsule is not a bad choice.


  1. I did not know.. I thought only in Japan ! but that's a good idea as I have plans to Beijing and Shanghai for photography. Seems clean but not sure about the small space within the capsule ! thanks, I will check-out in the web...

  2. it's better than having no privacy at all, but is very close-quarters too so might bother claustrophics.

  3. Oh my! I never thought of such a place existing! How do they breathe? Is there fresh air in the capsule? I guess if you need a safe and clean place to sleep it would work. What about luggage? Where do you put your stuff? This is a very interesting post, thank you for sharing.

  4. It looks veryspecial but not for me. I have seen the same type of hotel in Tokyo.


  5. i wouldn't mind sleeping on such a place as long as it's clean and safe. looks cool too.

  6. I don't mind either, and it will be an unforgettable experience in my life, I believe!

  7. This is amazing! However, I would never use one of these as I'm a bit claustrophobic! :-)))